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Coding Challenges 


Super Champs:

Each week new challenges will be for posted here

Complete the challenges to receive extra marks, Walzl-dollars, and even earn credit to replace missing assignments. 


Submit solutions like assignments. Each solution will be time stamped.  Points, marks etc. will be awarded to all completed challenges. Names of students with the quickest submissions will be posted on the Super Champs board.

Note: Many of the solutions to these problems can probably found online. In the spirit of the exercise do not look at the solutions.

You can use any programming language you wish. As long as 

you submit it in a way that I can run your program and see it work.

1.  Simon Long (Week 3 Challengs in record time!)

2.  Jenica Felius (Week 2 challenge in record time!)

3.  Cain Susko (submitted his own challenge!)

4.  Bill Gates

5.  Mark Zuckerberg

6.  Mitchell Baker

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