Coding at WSS

Telling today's machines what to do is a complex and important task. Our courses aims to have students discover some of the basic principles used to control and design modern technology. Students will learn by doing. With hands on projects involving robotics hardware and software students will gain the fundamental techniques used in computer programming.

  • What is programming?

  • What is an algorithm?

  • Variables

  • If statements

  • While loops

  • Animation

  • RobotC

  • A bit of Python

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  • Super Advanced Python

  • List comprehension

  • Sorting Algorithms

  • Sets

  • Tuples

  • Dictionaries

  • Object oriented Programming

  • More Python

  • Advanced Python

  • Boolean Operators

  • Functions

  • Arrays/Lists

  • For Loops

  • Video game design

  • Web Programming

  • University or Workplace Preparation

  • investigate topics/courses related to future studies in programming and computer science

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