Physics 12 

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Vectors - Introduction

The Green Dot indicated items that must be handed in


Welcome to Physics 12!  If you're here you've probably did Phyiscs 11, have an interest in Physics, and might be preparing for University Physics.  So Let's just jump right in!


 Due:  April 6th

Do the Problem Set.

When you are ready, try the Self TEST...If you can do it without help you're in great shape.  Well Done!   Both Due:  April 6th

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Magnets and Electromagetism (Force)

The Green Dot indicated items that must be handed in


Very important point:

Moving charged particles (or current) will create a magnetic field.

These moving charged particles will act like a magnet themselves and feel a force when they are near other Magnets. See videos 

Only first 1.5 minutes of next video

Short Good Example Videos:


 Due:  May 13th

Current running 

through a wire creates

a magnetic field that

attracts paper clips.

The Right Hand Rule is important when looking a the design of things like electric motors, speakers, and particle accelerators, we need to know the direction that things are being pushed and pulled!

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The Earth has a magnetic field that protects us from a constant bombardment of charged particles that move through space.

Moving charged particles feel a force from the earth's magnetic field and their path is diverted.

Universal Gravitation


Watch these and then try the Intro Assignment.

The Green Dot indicated items that must be handed in


  • Try the intro questions

  • You will need your formula sheet (for masses of planets and orbital distances)

  • Check your answers with a pal.

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 Due:  April 15th

  • Electric Forces are one of few Fundamental forces in our universe.  You gotta know about them.  

  • Watch the videos.

  • Read the notes.

  • Try the Problems


The Green Dot indicated items that must be handed in

The Green Dot indicated items that must be handed in



Do the problems at the end of the notes after the example.

Pay close attention to a 3rd right hand rule for solenoids described in the notes.


 Due:  May 15th

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Induction - Creating electricity with a magnet!


 Due:  May 20th

Important point!

If you move a a magnet near a wire you will create current in that wire!

This is called INDUCTION!


 Due:  May 22th

Finding direction of current flow in Set#2 is tricky.  Leave them for now if they are causing you trouble.

 Due:  May 25th

Momentum and Impulse 1-Dimensional


 Due:  May 29th

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Momentum and Impulse 2-Dimensional


 Due:  June 2nd

Try working through the examples

below (by looking at the solutions to assist you) Check your answer to #5 with a buddy.


 Due:  June 3rd

Relax, only 8 problems in this assignment, the rest are bonus.

Can't find Answers? Look at the last page. Watch question numbering.

Have fun! grouches allowed.

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 Due:  June 4th

Example solutions are out of order so watch the numbering.  Also, a couple of the example problems don't have solutions so use your brain and figure them out.


 Due:  June 8th

Do NOT do the entire problems set.

Please Exclude (remove) the following questions:


You can do 41 as a bonus if you wish

That's it!

Look for final



posted June 8th

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Physics 12 - Self Exams



 Due:  June 12th

Do NOT do the following questions:

Multiple choice: #34, 35

Long Answer: #3,5,6

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